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Project Mission

About our project

The mission of the project is to develop the universal „ELLA” business training model abroad, tailor-made for Finnish micro companies and SMEs, mainly for those operating in tourism & outdoor, design & handicraft, natural products and wood sectors.

The role of the model is to boost and increase their overall business resilience. The model is being developed by Finnetwork’s experts for business internationalization.

Project Offer

How we help your business

Do you need help in searching for foreign partners, business events, setting up an online international store, organizing or translating international business meetings, creating international offers or preparing tender documents for foreign markets?

Implementation time: 1.12.2019 – 31.12.2023 | Budget: 252 000 €
Funding: Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment – Agricultural fund (80%) – Private funding (20%)

The UMBR-ELLA project offers a variety of help for Finnish business internationalization:

Individual or group training and coaching in Finland

  • Spotting the individual company needs on the foreign market
  • International business coaching
  • International business meetings in Finland
  • Creating product, service, marketing offer, designed for the foreign market

Boosting-labs abroad - business groups learning trips to Poland

  • Company visits
  • B2B meetings
  • International trade fair visits
  • International workshop/coaching
  • Business match-making events
  • International marketing events
*another country on request

Tailor-made support for business growth through international network

  • International business agreements
  • International sales
  • Subcontracting/other deals
  • Creation of tailor-made business offers for foreign market

Our Offer

Business packages offer

The project offers a choice of one or more business packages for Finnish micro businesses and SMEs from different sectors.
Choose your own package or ask for a tailor-made program for your business.

Step I: Research

Business internationalization at home - starting phase:

Customized international business training/coaching in Finland

Development task (international marketing / PR / sales / purchases)

Tailor-made B2B meetings with foreign companies at home

Step II: Idea

Foreign business understanding and international networking - boosting phase:

Learning journey abroad with the support of Finnetwork

International fair visits

Company visits

Tailor-made B2B meetings

Training, coaching, workshops

Step III: Process

Development of the idea (new business/ product/ service) - development phase:

Activities after the trip with the support of Finnetwork

Developing and using an international network

Solutions for creating/developing a product or service

Step IV: Success

Business growth through tailor-made program on the foreign market - growth phase:

Tailor made business program abroad

Starting/increasing export/import/marketing/PR

A new product / service introduction to the market


Check our upcoming events

Business training for the tourism and the natural products sector


Business training for tourism and natural sectors

Kuusamo, Ruka, Kalajoki

Business training for the wood sector

Poznan International Fair, Drema

Business training for the tourism and the natural products sector


Past events - Examples

Business training for the tourism sector

Warsaw, Poznan, Berlin

Business training for the natural products sector

Warsaw, Poznan and surroundings

Industry-Technology-Machines Europe and Subcontracting

Poznan International Fair, ITM Europe

Business training for the agriculture and natural products sectors

Sielinko next to Poznan


Get your business benefits

There is a wide range of benefits offered by the UMBR-ELLA project for Finnish companies. Through the ELLA-training program, business support experts from the Finnetwork will develop your company’s readiness for internationalization. The participation in the project will give you an unique international experience.

Through the internationalization-related training in Finland or abroad, in the Central European market – the market. Your business will benefit from up to 80% project support for internationalization activities and up to 50% support for travel expenses abroad. Get inspired in UMBR-ELLA possibilities here:

Videos tailor made for the foreign market

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Video material realized for Polish tour operators

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Marketing and B2B activities at Poznan International Fair, Arena Design Fair

See More

Boosting Labs abroad for different Finnish sectors: networking events, company visits, international workshops, B2B meetings

Oivanki Outdoor Education Centre - International teachers & youth training in Kuusamo

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Bajkowe narty w Ruka - Kuusamo

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Do you represent a Finnish tourism sector / other sector which benefits from the development of tourism sector (if you offer handicraft workshops, nature trips, horse trainings, etc.)? Think! Could you offer or redesign your service or product for the foreign customers from Poland? Try it now-it is easy and free way to reach your potential customers!
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Project partners - Finnetwork

Finnetwork is a network of Finnish business support organizations, educational and research institutions specialized in business internationalization. We link interdisciplinary international thinkers, designers, researchers, business leaders, producers and creative thinkers. Join our Finnetwork!

  • Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu
  • Kerttu Saalasti Instituutti
  • Ylivieskan kehityspalvelut YTEK Oy
  • Nivala-Haapajärven seutu NIHAK r.y.
  • Raahen seudun kehitys

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